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About the project - Context
Recognition of studies in another Member State shall contribute to facilitating labor market integration of the Romanian students, community or other third countries and the employment of highly qualified individuals who have conducted training in another state such as and then in Romania. 
Create a simplified methodology for recognition in accordance with European standards, will result in the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and abilities in the spirit of Romanian higher education integrated into the European Higher Education Area. 
Creating the Network of Resource Centers at universities, in order to facilitate the recognition of studies, is in line with actions to implement the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy and the Integrated Guidelines for Growth and Jobs 2005-2008 by supporting investment in human capital and facilitating integration into the labor market in Romania. 
The resource centers will address the citizens of EU Member States, the European Economic Area and nationals of third countries, as well as Romanian citizens, who studied and / or will study in one of these countries and wish to continue their studies in a Romanian university or pursue a profession in Romania. 
Universities in which they operate resource centers, are also indirect beneficiaries of the services provided by resource centers, in particular the Departments of International Relations which is conducted through academic mobility. 
Regarding access to resource centers, there will be no discrimination based on nationality, citizenship, religion, education, age, gender, social or political. Also, there are no restrictions on the number of students. 
Training Resource Centres staff, which consists of staff in universities, training conducted through the Project, both in Romania and abroad. 
This training is thus an investment in human capital in the Centres, which will acquire new knowledge and communication skills, managerial and specialized in the recognition studies.

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