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26th Joint Meeting of ENIC-NARIC National Recognition Centers Networks

ENIC-NARIC member centers met for the 26th Annual Conference in Cologne, Germany, in the period 16-18 June. The event was organized by the Conference of Ministers of Education and Culture of the Länder (KMK) with the support of the German NARIC Center (ZAB) and under the patronage of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

CNRED organized, in Târgu Mureş, the second regional training session for IMI users

Between 6th and 7th of June, the authorities registered in the Internal Market Information System participated in training sessions for IMI users, organized by CNRED in the Legal Medicine Amphitheater of the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology of Targu Mures.

Training and recognition of qualifications, important criteria for professional mobility at...

At the beginning of the week, CNRED attended a seminar organized by the European Commission on the analysis of the mobility of European workers within the EU, which was published in the "Movement of skilled labor" study.

European Commission confirms the position above the European average of Romania's results...

The European Commission publishes annually, starting in 2013, statistical data on the functioning of the IMI network, which highlights the 5 performance indicators for IMI information requests - the Professional Qualifications component, module coordinated by CNRED, and the results of Romania, currently these being positioned above the European average...

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