CNRED, constant partner of the Union of Liberal Professions in Romania

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On 5th of November, the representatives of CNRED were, as every year, with the Union of Liberal Professions in Romania, at the "Day of Liberal Professions in Romania", which, this time, was held under the theme "Liberal professions and the public interest" -

The intervention of CNRED as National Coordinator for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications emphasized that, from the perspective of the liberal regulated professions, professional organizations / orders are competent authorities, as long as the regulatory act gives them attributions in granting the right to exercise the profession and they can serve, thus, to the public interest. In this context, the recognition of professional qualifications is naturally confined to the sphere of public interest and must be achieved by professional organizations in accordance with the objectives pursued by the mandatory European norms in this field.

Also, the representatives of the professional organizations present at the event highlighted the role of the liberal professions in promoting the public interest in a society in continuous dynamics marked by digitization, the appearance of the new fiscal regulations or the relations with the public authorities regarding, among others, vocational training, authorization or supervision of the profession.