Academic and professional recognition in the context of Brexit

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On 30 March 2019, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union and become a third country; the withdrawal will take place either on the basis of a withdrawal agreement or automatic without the conclusion of such an international legal instrument, depending on the outcome of the negotiations between the European Commission and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

According to the Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the European Council, the Council, the European Central Bank, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions and the European Investment Bank of 27 August 2018, „whatever the scenario envisaged will cause significant disruption to citizens , businesses and administrations in Europe”.

For the recognition of professional qualifications, currently under Directive 2005/36/EC, the European Commission published the general framework in the Notice to Stakeholders on the United Kingdom and EU Rules in the Field of Regulated Professions and Recognition of Professional Qualifications -  on 21 June 2018, showing the following:

  • recognition decisions made before the date of withdrawal continue to produce legal effects in the territory of the Member States of the European Union and of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
  • after the date of withdrawal, the recognition will be in accordance with the national rules of the Member States of the Union, respectively of the United Kingdom,,
  • the need to consult the national authorities of the Member States competent for the recognition of professional qualifications in the next period in the case of qualifications obtained in the United Kingdom before the date of withdrawal.

For academic recognition will continue to apply, and after the date of withdrawal, the provisions of the Convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Certificates in the States of Europe, adopted at Lisbon on 11 April 1997 (ratified by Romania by Law No 172/1998 ), as well as the other national provisions in the matter.


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