Accredited institutions of higher education and research and development institutions PhD recognize diplomas gained abroad in order to continue academic career, teaching or research

In accordance with OMENCS no. 5923 / 12.06.2016 approving the methodology for the recognition of PhD diploma and doctorate in science or in a professional field, from foreign institutions or establishments and institutions of public and private law contained, according to the legal system national R & D recognize a PhD and PhD in science or in a professional field, obtained abroad, only the purpose of admission to graduate programs, achieving empowerment, employment of teaching positions or research at one of the institutions or above units.

In all other cases, CNRED remain competent for the recognition of diplomas doctor, for example, if the diploma is obtained at a prestigious institution of a non-member state of the EU or where, even if a diplomas at a prestigious university or any university in the European Union, is seeking recognition for purposes other than those concerning academic career, teaching or research.