Starting March 15, 2018, the periods of study abroad not completed with a diploma, which correspond to the upper cycle of high-school (grades XI-XII), to the vocational and post-secondary level, are recognized only by the County School Inspectorates and the Inspectorate School of Bucharest.

CNRED thus continues to implement a European-level priority, namely to facilitate the academic and professional mobility by simplifying and streamlining the procedures for the recognition of studies abroad.

Ministry of national education Order no. 3217/2018 amending and supplementing the Annex no. 1 to the Order of the minister of education and scientific research no. 5.268 / 2015 for the approval of the Methodology regarding the equivalence of the periods of studies conducted abroad by the County School Inspectorates and the School Inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest to the education providers organizing and conducting on the territory of Romania educational activities corresponding to an educational system from another country , enrolled in the Special Register of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-university Education and for the approval of the model of attestation of equivalence of studies conducted abroad and in Romania