At the initiative of the National Rectors' Council in Romania (CNR), universities in Romania are present in Geneva, September 11-14, at the Conference of the European Association for International Education – EAIE 2018, with a national stand under the motto 'Study in Romania'.

The event annually welcomes the presence of thousands of participants from dozens of countries around the world. This year, 30 Romanian universities are present at the EAEI conference, with 9 more than in the previous year, once again emphasizing their interest and desire for internationalization both from the perspective of attracting foreign students and collaborations in the educational fields and research.

About 6,000 people attend the conference and 95 countries are represented. The event hosts 40 national pavilions and 250 specialized sessions and workshops. Along with the rectors of the Romanian universities and almost 100 representatives of the Romanian academic environment, the Permanent Representative of the Romanian Mission to the UN, the Ambassador of Romania to Switzerland, the Minister of National Education, the Secretary of State for Higher Education, the CNRED Director, representatives of the Erasmus National Agency and UEFISCDI.

This year, the participation of the Romanian delegation at the event is dedicated to the Centenary of the Great Union, and the main objectives of the Romanian higher education representatives are to establish new partnerships for educational and scientific research projects and to increase the visibility and attractiveness of Romania as a destination for university studies. Romanian universities have understood that the educational field, higher education in particular, is subject to a global competition that can only cope with the increase of the quality of the services offered and of the appropriate promotion. It is not a competition that targets only universities as individual entities, but the entire Romanian higher education system. Assuming association with the celebration of the Centenary of the Great Union is not so haphazard.

Organized under the aegis of the National Council of Rectors in Romania, with the support of the Ministry of National Education, the "Study in Romania" pavilion is an initiative for the internationalization of Romanian higher education and is supported through the portal The main promoted message is that there are universities globally competitive both in education and in scientific research.

Romania offers a quality, adequate and safe quality environment, as well as European level facilities on university campuses, at a much more competitive cost compared to other European countries. In addition, the CNR also promotes a rich offer of scholarships supported by Romanian universities. The EAIE Annual Conference and Exhibition is at this time the most important event of the type of professional congresses organized in Europe in the field of higher education and the second in the world.

The EAIE is the most representative association of internationalization specialists, characterized as an 'independent center of expertise, networking and resources in the field of internationalization of higher education'. The most important activity of the EAIE is the organization of the Annual Educational Conference and Exhibition, complemented by training programs, provision of training and information resources, consultancy and lobbying.

Prof. Univ. Dr. Sorin Mihai Cîmpeanu,

President of CNR / President of AUF

Source: Agerpres