Competent Authorities

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The competent authority designates any authority or body empowered by a Member State specifically to issue or receive training diplomas and other documents or information and to receive the applications and take decisions in relation to regulated professions in their area of competence.

Competent authorities in Romania to issue the certificate of conformity for sectoral regulated professions

# Competent authority Regulated professions
1 Ministry of Health doctor, dentist, pharmacist
2 Order of General Care Nurses, Nurses and Midwives in Romania general care nurse, midwife
3 College of Veterinarians in Romania veterinarian
4 Order of Architects in Romania architect


Recognition of professional experience acquired in another EU Member State for the professions listed in Annex IV of Directive 2005/36/EC (Ministry of Labour and Social Protection - Department of Employment Policy, Skills and Professional Mobility)

Attestation of professional competences certificates issued by centers of evaluation and certification of professional competences (National Authority for Qualifications)


List of competent authorities for regulated professions in Romania

Agriculture and veterinary

  1. National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority - professions in the veterinary field: veterinary assistant, veterinary technician
  2. College of Romanian Veterinarians - veterinarian


  1. National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration - professions in the field of cadastre, cartography, topography and geodesy: surveyor engineer, cadastre engineer, cadastre technician, topographer engineer, topographer technician, cartographer engineer, cartographer technician, mining surveyor engineer, mining surveyor technician, surveyor sub-engineer, cadastre sub-engineer, topographer sub-engineer, cartographer sub-engineer, mining surveyor sub-engineer, surveyor officer, artillery officer (with certificate of equivalence of studies in topography and land cadastre), cartographer officer, geographer with cartography specialization
  2. State Inspection for Control of Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Lifting Facilities - fork lift operator, crane operator
  3. State Inspectorate for Construction - Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration - project supervisor at a construction site, technical responsible with execution
  4. Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration - Directorate General for Regional Development and Infrastructure - Technical Department - professions in construction: certified project verifier, certified technical expert, energy auditor for buildings
  5. National Institute of Heritage - restorer
  6. Order of Architects in Romania - architect
  7. Register of Urban Planners in Romania - urbanist

Economic and financial

  1. National Association of Certified Appraisers in Romania - authorized appraiser
  2. Authority for Public Supervision of the Statutory Audit Activity - financial auditor
  3. Chamber of Tax Consultants - tax consultant
  4. Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania - expert accountant, authorized accountant


  1. Ministry of Education - General Directorate of Human Resources Management and School Network - teaching staff for pre-university education: educator-child carers, preschool teacher / educator, teacher / primary school teacher, professor, itinerant and support teacher, educator teacher, teacher-psychopedagogist / psychopedagogist / professor of psychodiagnosis, teacher-psychologist at school / psychologist, speech therapist teacher / speech therapist, teacher kinetotherapist, special education teacher, junior professor for blind, teacher-coach / trainer, teacher librarian
  2. Ministry of Education - General Directorate of University Education - teaching staff for higher education: university professor, associate professor, lecturer, university assistant professor

Internal Affairs

  1. National Archives of Romania - archivist, recorder
  2. Romanian Police – Directorate of Criminal Investigation - private detective
  3. Romanian Police – Directorate of Public Order - security agent
  4. Romanian Police – Directorate for Weapons, Explosives and Dangerous Substances - polygon instructor


  1. Mediation Council - mediator
  2. National Chamber of Industrial Property Attorneys in Romania - authorized industrial property attorney
  3. Ministry of Justice - interpreter and authorized translator, legal adviser, judiciary technical expert, probation counsellor, forensic expert
  4. National Union of Bars in Romania - lawyer
  5. National Union of Insolvency Practitioners in Romania - insolvency practitioner


  1. Order of Dietitians in Romania - dietitian
  2. Order of Physiotherapists in Romania - physiotherapist
  3. College of Pharmacists in Romania and Ministry of Health - pharmacist
  4. College of Doctors in Romania and Ministry of Health - doctor
  5. College of Dentists in Romania and Ministry of Health - dentist
  6. Order of General Care Nurses, Nurses and Midwives in Romania - nurse, midwife, general care nurse
  7. Order of Biochemists, Biologists and Chemists Health System in Romania - biochemist in the health system, biologist in the health system, chemist in the health system
  8. Order of Dental Technicians from Romania - dental technician

Health and social care

  1. National College of Social Workers - social worker
  2. College of Psychologists in Romania - psychologist
  3. Ministry of Labour and Social Protection – National Authority for People with Disabilities - interpreter of sign language, interpreter of language specific to deafblind person, professional personal assistant of the disabled person
  4. Ministry of Labour and Social Protection – National Authority for Child Protection and Adoption - foster care


  1. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure - professions in the field of air, sea, river, road and rail
  2. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure - Department of Road Transport - lecturer necessary for the process of professional training of improvement of specialized personnel in road transport
  3. Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority - professions in air transport: directing air traffic controller, air traffic information controller, aircraft technical staff, air navigator, navigation engineer, navigational radio operator, flight attendant, airplane pilot, helicopter pilot, flight operations dispatcher, radiocommunication responsible, glider pilot, free balloon pilot, aircraft meteorological technician, aeronautical personnel for protection of air navigation and aeronautical telecommunications PNA-TC, aeronautical meteorologist, forecaster, aeronautical personnel for protection of air navigation and telecommunication (PNA-TC), aircraft reception and control engineer, reception and PNA-TC means engineer, civil aviation security auditor
  4. Romanian Naval Authority - professions in maritime transport: port captain, port deck officer, chief maritime port mechanic, port maritime mechanic officer, port maritime electrician officer, aspiring maritime deck officer, aspiring maritime mechanical officer, aspiring marine officer, aspiring maritime officer, timing aspirant, timing aspirant seaboat driver, marine electrician, fitter, pumpman ; professions in fluvial transport: sailor, river captain category A, river captain category B, river helmsman, chief river mechanic, mechanic, river boat leader, river crew chief, sailor, trainee sailor, trainee mechanic, ship electrician, commander, second deck officer, officer deck, chief engineer officer, second engineer officer, engineer officer, chief maritime electrician, naval electrician officer, sea pilot, seaman, aspiring seaman, meteorologist
  5. Romanian Road Transport Authority - professions in road transport: transport manager, safety advisor for the road transport of dangerous goods, driver of vehicles carrying dangerous goods, driver of road vehicles for the carriage of goods with vehicles having a maximum authorised mass of more than 3.5 tons, driver of road vehicles for the carriage of passengers, driver of abnormal road transport, driver who perform taxi transport of passengers, teacher for road traffic regulations, driving instructor, road safety auditor
  6. Romanian Auto Registry - roadworthiness test inspector, workshop manager in the field of road vehicle repairs and/or functional adjustments, dismantling of end-of-life vehicles, as well as in the field of vehicle chassis/body replacement
  7. National Center for Railway Qualification and Training - professions in rail transport: locomotive mechanic, traffic dispatcher

Recreation, sports, tourism

  1. National Association of Mountain Rescue in Romania - mountain rescuer
  2. Diving Center - Ministry of National Defence - diver
  3. National Center for Training and Improvement of Trainers - trainer/coach
  4. Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment - Directorate-General for Marketing and Development - tourist guide
  5. Ministry of Youth and Sport - Romanian Ski Biathlon Federation - ski, snowboard and snowboard sports monitor
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