Citizens of other EU countries, subsidiary protection and refugees – baccalaureate degree

Recognition and equivalence

CNRED recognizes the documents of pre-university studies obtained abroad, by evaluating and establishing the level, field and/or specialization, in relation to the Romanian education system.

Following the evaluation, CNRED can recognize the level, the field of study and/or the specialization, automatically or by taking distinction exams or other compensatory measures. In applying the compensatory measures, CNRED collaborates with the County School Inspectorates and the School Inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest.

This procedure applies both for enrollment to studies in Romania, as well as access to the labor market.

CNRED recognizes, on the basis of a file, within 30 days, the documents of studies certifying the completion of studies at the baccalaureate level, vocational school and post-secondary school.

Automatic recognition

The automatic recognition of diplomas obtained in a member state of the European Union, the EEA and the Swiss Confederation ensures access to continuing studies in Romania.

For admission to university education in Romania, CNRED collaborates with higher education institutions in order to fulfill the specific admission criteria.

CNRED recognizes the level of the diploma, without ordering the taking of differential exams or other compensatory measures. If the study program completed abroad has a correspondent in Romania, CNRED recognizes, upon request, the field and/or specialization followed.

The recognition applies both for continuing studies in Romania and for access to the labor market.

CNRED recognizes, within 30 days, the study documents certifying the completion of baccalaureate level studies, vocational school and post-secondary school. This term may be extended accordingly in case of additional checks.