Professional recognition in the EU, the result of the effective involvement of the Romanian authorities. The dashboard of the Single Market positions Romania above the European average.

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The European Commission recently published the Single Market Scoreboard - 2020 edition, which highlights all Romania's indicators for 2019, including on Administrative Cooperation between Member States through the Internal Market Information System (IMI System) - the Professional Qualifications module.

The IMI module - coordinated by CNRED, within the Ministry of Education and Research, in relation to the competent authorities for regulated professions in Romania, universities and school inspectorates - contributes to the insertion of graduates in Romania on the EU labor market, by facilitating professional recognition of diplomas and their certificates.

The country report, which presents the results of IMI performance indicators, shows:

„Performance - Romania maintained its excellent performance.

Romania further improved its performance despite the very high volumes of incoming requests - Romania receives 13% of all requests sent through IMI.

All 5 (five) indicators showed performance above the EEA (European Economic Area) average.

On average Romania answered requests in 2 (two) weeks, 50% were answered within 1 (one) week."

IMI rezultate evaluare 2019

The graphical representation marks the evolution of IMI performance indicators in the last 3 (three) years, in the context of the increasing volume of managed information requests.

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