• Actuarial Profession | The Careers Service (2019/05/20 22:27)
    Members of the actuarial profession provide risk management expertise to insurance companies, consultancies, government, regulatory bodies and a range of investment and banking institutions. The role of the actuary is to try to reduce financial uncertainty to a manageable level, and therefore improve the predictability of future financial performance. Actuarial expertise is an essential ...
  • Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (2019/05/19 22:21)
    The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) is the UK's only chartered professional body dedicated to educating, developing and regulating actuaries based both in the UK and internationally.
  • Actuary | Explore careers (2019/05/18 23:55)
    the first step to qualifying as an actuary is to join the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) as a student member, and then study for professional exams whilst working as a trainee actuary . Further information. You'll find more details about careers in the actuarial profession, training and case studies from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. What it takes Skills and knowledge. You ...
  • Actuarial news, analysis and jobs | The Actuary, the ... (2019/05/18 22:36)
    PREDICTIONS. Welcome to the first issue of Predictions, a supplement and dedicated microsite produced by The Actuary magazine, and sponsored by Willis Towers Watson, exploring the challenges and new opportunities technology presents for the financial sector and the actuarial profession.
  • Actuary - Wikipedia (2019/05/18 20:42)
    An actuary is a business professional who deals with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty (BeAnActuary 2011a). The name of the corresponding field is actuarial science.
  • Actuary job profile | (2019/05/18 18:54)
    An actuary evaluates, manages and advises on financial risks. They use their knowledge of business and economics, together with their understanding of probability theory, statistics and investment theory, to provide strategic, commercial and financial advice.
  • Become an actuary | Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (2019/05/18 17:35)
    What is an actuary video . Actuaries are more than maths. Find out what an actuary is, what they do and about the actuarial profession.
  • Actuarial profession | University of St Andrews (2019/05/15 09:54)
    Actuarial profession About this sector You can read information about role responsibilities, salary, working hours, what to expect, qualifications, skills, work experience, career prospects and related roles on the following Prospects Job Profiles:
  • The Actuary Profession: What we do, Requirements & Salary (2019/05/08 03:07)
    Without actuaries, an insurance company would probably go bankrupt! They’d have no way of knowing if the price (or premium) they were charging policyholders for their insurance coverage was enough to pay for the claims that the policyholders would make in the future.
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