• Regulated profession - Architect (United Kingdom) (2019/05/20 11:35)
    The database contains information on the regulated professions covered by Directive 2005/36/EC, statistics on migrating professionals, contact points and competent authorities.
  • Professional requirements for architects - Wikipedia (2019/05/20 09:05)
    In France the profession is defined and regulated by the 1977 Law, which defines architecture as follows: "Architecture is an expression of culture. Architectural design, quality of buildings, their harmonious incorporation into their surroundings, respect for natural and urban landscapes and architectural heritage are of public interest.
  • The architectural profession - Designing Buildings Wiki (2019/05/17 13:55)
    The term 'architect' has been in existence for many centuries, however the architect as its own recognised profession is a relatively modern concept. The term and what it represents has evolved through history to its current form in which architects are seen as highly qualified and educated professionals .
  • Architects Regulation and the Architects Registration ... (2019/05/15 11:27)
    professional services without being regulated. Government needs to take a balanced view as to the advantages and disadvantages of continuing to regulate the architectural profession and we are interested in your views as
  • International debate – Interior Architects as a regulated ... (2019/05/14 13:15)
    GIS program included an international debate – Interior architects as a regulated profession. Architects and interior designers from Japan, Thailand, UK, Italy, Spain, France and Poland shared their views regarding the posibilty that profession of interior architects should be regulated or not.
  • Regulated profession - Architect (United Kingdom) (2019/05/13 23:46)
    The database contains information on regulated professions, statistics on migrating professionals,contact points and competent authorities, as provided by EU Member States, EEA countries and Switzerland.
  • What is an architect? — Archisoup (2019/05/11 22:23)
    How is the architectural profession regulated? While it is not a statutory requirement for all buildings to be designed and procured by a registered architect, when they are, the process is strictly regulated by the Architects governing body for their country and/or state (USA).
    The architecture profession is regulated by eight State and Territory Architect Registration Boards, with each jurisdiction having its own Architects Act (Act) and Architects Regulations (Regulations). Regulations are delegated legislation, usually made by a Minister under the Act to clarify or expand on particular aspects of regulation. The key roles of the Architect Registration Boards are ...
  • EU - Regulated professions - Your Europe - Your Europe (2019/01/24 01:54)
    As a general rule, a profession is regulated if you have to hold a specific degree to access the profession, sit special exams such as state exams and/or register with a professional body before you can practise it.
  • Architecture Professions: Overview of the Architecture ... (2012/10/11 02:57)
    Architecture Professions: Overview of the Architecture Related Careers. Architect programs teach students about the design and construction of different structures, such as buildings and bridges.
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