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    Generic name of profession Number of regulated professions Profesia reglementată în România ID Anexa 2 OG 43/2015 Bailiff 2 (-1) Baker/Pastry maker 14 Balloon pilot 3 (+1) Pilot aeronave 075 Banker 2 Barrelmaker /Master cooper 1 Beekeeper 1 Bicycle/moped repairer 4 Bio-medical analyst 5 Biochemist 2 biochimist_in_sistemul_sanitar 019 ...
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    Table showing all countries in which this profession is regulated, with the name of the profession as used in the country. By clicking on the name you can access details of the regulated profession with the competent authorities and points of contact. The database contains information on regulated ...
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    Profession not regulated This colour designates the countries where the profession selected is not regulated. The database contains information on regulated professions, statistics on migrating professionals,contact points and competent authorities, as provided by EU Member States, EEA countries and Switzerland.
  • List of Old English Occupations and descriptions (2019/07/16 16:11)
    APIARIST A Beekeeper APOTHECARY Someone who prepared and sold medicines or drugs; pharmacist,chemist APPARITOR or USHER Formerly an officer to execute the order of the magistrate, judge or court. An official who serves the summons and executes the process of the ecclesiastical court.
  • Comments - No Mandatory Registration for Beekeepers in New ... (2019/07/09 09:10)
    “This takes away the intent of the backyard beekeeper to pollinate their own gardens and collect honey for personal use. It is an expensive and rewarding hobby, but by requiring backyard beekeepers to register a couple of hives takes the joy of this rewarding hobby. Beekeepers voluntarily track diseases and properly treat their hives.
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    Cele 6 profesii, prevăzute în grupul 1, care vor fi discutate în cele trei întâlniri de evaluare reciprocă din 2014 la Bruxelles:
    the quality and standards of the regulated product; (f) generally to co-operate with any organizations involved in the beekeeping industry. (2) Under this Plan neither the production nor the marketing of the regulated product is to be controlled or regulated. AR 59/2006 s7;28/2011 Division 2 Operation of Plan by Commission
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    The CRN Advocacy app allows supporters of the Council for Responsible Nutrition to accomplish the following goals: • To position the responsible dietary supplement industry positively by focusing on the popularity, benefits, quality and safety of dietary supplement products. • To build and maintain relationships between your dietary supplement company and legislators, and to identify ...
  • Kurpie - Nasza Polska Rodzina - Google Sites (2019/01/13 18:06)
    Beekeeping was a highly regulated profession for the Kurpie. Documents as early as the 15th century mention the delicious honey produced in this region. In 1559 the Beekeeper's Law went into effect which spelled out the regulations of the profession and their relationship and responsibilities to the Crown.
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    And One More Thing… Of course, French is a lot more than professions. To cover all your other language bases, there’s always FluentU. FluentU lets you learn French from real-world content like music videos, commercials, news broadcasts, cartoons and inspiring talks.
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