Bio-medical analyst

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    Table showing all countries in which this profession is regulated, with the name of the profession as used in the country. By clicking on the name you can access details of the regulated profession with the competent authorities and points of contact. Biomedicínský inženýr Czech Republic All ...
    Röntgensjuksköterskans profession är av intresse att studera på grund av den snabba tekniska utvecklingen s om ske r inom området samt utifrån förändrade förhållanden för att kunna utföra professionellt arbete. Syftet med avhandlingen var att empiriskt undersöka centrala aspekter av ...
  • Ministerstwo Zdrowia Warszawa, czerwiec 2007 r ... ()
    Ministerstwo Zdrowia Warszawa, czerwiec 2007 r. WERYFIKACJA KWALIFIKACJI PRACOWNIKÓW OCHRONY ZDROWIA W POLSCE Informacja została przygotowana w ramach współpracy Polski z Podkomitetem Operacyjnym Europejskiej
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    CITOLOGÍA - El presente video es propiedad de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud de la Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander y está realizado solo para fines educativos. Se prohibe la alteración o publicación del mismo. La universidad se reserva todos los de...
  • Biomedical scientist - Wikipedia (2019/07/14 17:54)
    A biomedical scientist is a scientist trained in biology, particularly in the context of medicine.These scientists work to gain knowledge on the main principles of how the human body works and to find new ways to cure or treat disease by developing advanced diagnostic tools or new therapeutic strategies.The research of biomedical scientists is referred to as biomedical research
  • Glossary of EucoLABS project - biomed-austria (2019/07/09 09:17)
    Higher, post-secondary, tertiary, or third level education refers to the stage of learning that occurs at universities, academies, colleges, seminars and institutes of technology.
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    Cele 6 profesii, prevăzute în grupul 1, care vor fi discutate în cele trei întâlniri de evaluare reciprocă din 2014 la Bruxelles:
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    Where the profession in question is not regulated in a Member State having one of these languages as its official language, the title of the profession has been translated into the three languages using normal translation techniques. ... ANALYSTE BIO-MEDECINE BIO-MEDICAL ANALYST State Region PROFESSION DIRECTIVE SW No Region Specified ...
  • Regulated profession - Diagnosta laboratoryjny (Poland) (2019/06/28 09:02)
    U of 2004 Nr 247, poz. 2482), Minister of Health regulation of 16 April 2004 concerning specialization and obtaining of specialist title by the bio-medical analysts (Dz. U. of 2004 Nr. 126, poz. 1319, with amendments), Minister of Health regulation of 2 June 2004 concerning the mode of establishing and organization of adjudication panel and its ...
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