Child care worker

  • What Are Regulated Professions? | The Working Centre (2019/05/20 16:21)
    Jobs that require a licence are called regulated occupations. You need special education and experience before you can get your licence to work in most regulated occupations. What does this mean for finding work in a regulated profession? To work in a regulated profession, you must be registered by the appropriate regulatory body.
  • Child care - Wikipedia (2019/05/20 15:03)
    Child care, otherwise known as day care, is the care and supervision of a child or multiple children at a time, whose ages range from six weeks to thirteen years. Child care is the action or skill of looking after children by a day-care center, nannies, babysitter, teachers or other providers.
  • Creating safe professional spaces: Regulation of Child and ... (2019/05/20 08:43)
    the profession Creating safe professional spaces: Regulation of Child and Youth Care . When the Social Work Amendment Act of 1998, was passed to transfer the then SA Interim Council for Social Work into the South African Council for Social Service professions, it paved the way for the child and youth care field to realize its long held vision of establishing an autonomous statutory regulatory ...
  • What to Know About Working in Childcare - Verywell Family (2019/05/19 21:52)
    Many adults enter the childcare profession as a way to be with their own children while earning an income by providing quality care for others' kids. Some of these individuals find the career rewarding and enriching and choose to remain in the profession even after their kids enter school.
  • Code of Ethics - CYCAA (2019/05/18 20:13)
    Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta- Code of Ethics (2008) Approved by the Certification Board and Endorsed by the CYCAA Executive Board of Directors on November 24, 2007. The Code of Ethics applies to and forms the basis of acceptable conduct for all members of the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta.
  • Regulated profession - Staatlich anerkannte/r Erzieher/in ... (2019/05/18 18:11)
    The database contains information on regulated professions, statistics on migrating professionals,contact points and competent authorities, as provided by EU Member States, EEA countries and Switzerland. Each country is responsible for updating information, on its regulated professions, competent authorities and statistics.
  • Child and Youth Care - Wikipedia (2019/05/17 12:50)
    Child and Youth Care (CYC) is a profession which focuses on the developmental needs of children and families within the space and time of their daily lives. Child and Youth Care is primarily a way of working with others and practitioners can be found in a variety of roles including direct care, private practice, educator, trainer, writer, supervisor, manager, researcher, and more.
  • Fact Sheet – Child Care Worker | Manitoba Immigration and ... (2019/05/14 21:15)
    Home › Settle in Manitoba › Regulated Professions and Trades › Fact Sheet – Child Care Worker. Fact Sheet – Child Care Worker ... Regulated profession: Child Care Worker; ... Profession-specific competencies describe the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that workers need to competently perform their duties in the workplace. ...
  • Generic name of profession - Child care worker (2019/05/03 05:43)
    Table showing all countries in which this profession is regulated, with the name of the profession as used in the country. By clicking on the name you can access details of the regulated profession with the competent authorities and points of contact. kinderbegeleider voor baby's en peuters van 0 ...
  • Government to regulate social workers from 2018 ... (2016/06/29 18:07)
    Social workers will be regulated by the government from 2018, under plans tabled by ministers. A new government executive agency will replace the HCPC as the regulator for social workers in England, under regulations underpinning the Children and Social Work Bill. The agency will be accountable to ...
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