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 +====== StatDisplay ======
 +===== Analysis Progress =====
 +Displays a simple progress bar to show how much of the log file was already analysed:
 +{{statdisplay>​progress bar}}
 +===== Access Summary =====
 +Gives a summary table over all accesses that were ever logged:
 +Get the summary as a graph:
 +===== Month Overview =====
 +Give detailed summary table on the accesses during the current month:
 +{{statdisplay>​one month}}
 +Limit the table to a specific month:
 +{{statdisplay>​one month?​Sep_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​one month?​Aug_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​one month?​Jul_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​one month?​Jun_2017}}
 +===== Daily Accesses =====
 +Show the accesses of each day in the current month:
 +{{statdisplay>​month by day}}
 +Show the accesses of each day in a specific month:
 +{{statdisplay>​month by day?​Sep_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by day?​Aug_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by day?​Jul_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by day?​Jun_2017}}
 +Show the daily accesses as graph:
 +{{statdisplay>​month by day?graph Oct_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by day?graph Sep_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by day?graph Aug_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by day?graph Jul_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by day?graph Jun_2017}}
 +===== Hourly Accesses =====
 +Show how accesses were spread over the different times of the day during the month:
 +{{statdisplay>​month by hour}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by hour?​Sep_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by hour?​Aug_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by hour?​Jul_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by hour?​Jun_2017}}
 +Graph of a particular month by hour:
 +{{statdisplay>​month by hour?graph Oct_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by hour?graph Sep_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by hour?graph Aug_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by hour?graph Jul_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​month by hour?graph Jun_2017}}
 +===== Top Referrers =====
 +Show where people came from:
 +{{statdisplay>​top referers}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top referers?​Sep_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top referers?​Aug_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top referers?​Jul_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top referers?​Jun_2017}}
 +===== Top Entry-Pages =====
 +Show on which pages users arrived first:
 +{{statdisplay>​top entries}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top entries?​Sep_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top entries?​Aug_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top entries?​Jul_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top entries?​Jun_2017}}
 +===== Top URLs =====
 +Show the most popular pages in this site:
 +{{statdisplay>​top urls}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top urls?​Sep_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top urls?​Aug_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top urls?​Jul_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​top urls?​Jun_2017}}
 +===== Top Browsers =====
 +Show the most used browsers:
 +{{statdisplay>​user agents}}
 +{{statdisplay>​user agents?​Sep_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​user agents?​Aug_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​user agents?​Jul_2017}}
 +{{statdisplay>​user agents?​Jun_2017}}
 +===== Traffic by User =====
 +This is a bit more special. It lists the authenticated users that created the most traffic on your site during the last 7 days:
 +{{statdisplay>​traffic by user}}
 +Show the top 10 users as a graph, the workday average is shown as a red line:
 +{{statdisplay>​traffic by user?​graph}}
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